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Rouviere Collection offers various models of copings and pavements for the revestments of swimmingpool surrounds and terrasses.

All models are offered with a choice of 9 colours.
Customized manufactures : dimensions, other colours on demand, customized aspects.

Curved pieces can also be manufactured .

Stone look > SERMIPIERRE range

For warm and authentic atmospheres, Sermipierre swimmingpool surrounds are coloured on demand

Authentique models, old stone or new stone aspect. Flat coping with rounded nose. Internal and external corners
Trapezeoidal models with double sloped faces, old stone aspect
Vieille Demeure models :Aged stone look with patina. Thickness until 20 cm. L-shaped (with one bullnose ) or U-shaped (with two bullnoses) are also offered.
Savoir-Faire made-to-measure models: Flat, L-shaped orU-shaped copings, made-to-measure for lenght, width and thickness

Contemporary aspect > SERMIBETON range

Sermibeton range copings are created with refined lines and minimal sstyle for contemporary and elegant atmospheres. Copings bullnoses (L-shaped or U-shaped) for an appearance of a higher water level.

3 main shapes :

  • Flat copings with straight edges
  • L-haped coping with a bullnose that can be placed inside or outside the swimmingpool
  • U-shaped copings for appearance of an elevated swimmingpool

Available models :

Ground finish model : all shapes of copings, Items with double bullnose for external corners
Reversed model Reno : maximal width 100 cm, lenght 50 cm to create a wide passageway with no need of a terrasse
Sermisilk model : Smooth silk aspect. Flat copings with straight edges or L-shaped

Sermileat model: Leather aspect. Flat copings with straight edges
Granitik model: all shapes of copings, Items with double bullnose for external corners
Sermivelt model: Microcement based plaster revestment with 62 colours available, 3 possibilities : « béton ciré », « Cover », « Brushed ». All shapes of copings, Items with double bullnose for external corners

Microcement revestment

Easy to apply and resistant, Rouviere Collection microcement offers an alternative to other kinds of usual revestments for traditional masonry swimmingpools. Swimminpools can be easily rehabilitated because microcement can be applied directly on existing supports (tiles for example).

Available in 62 colours, Microcement with « béton ciré » effect will provide original  reflections in the water with a lot of shades.

It can also be applied on terrasses and swimmingpool surrounds, with sanded technic to avoid slippery.