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Escalier contemporain Escalier béton Escalier Vieille demeure

Rouviere Collection offers various possibilities for indoor and outsoor stair revestments  : customized massive steps, treads and risers or microcemet based plaster for a minimal thickness.

Stone look > SERMIPIERRE range

A modern technic for an authentic look
Models Authentique, Vieille Demeure and Savoir-faire for customized old stone aspect

Contemporary look > SERMIBETON range

Customizedmassive steps or treads and risers with contemporary aspects offered with Sermibeton models

> Massive steps : Contemporary cement aspect blocks
> single Bullnose : Straight or curved edges
> L-shaped bullnose : to be used with or without risers.


Microcement based decorative plaster

With esthetic and resistant properties, Rouviere Collection microcement is perfect as a stair revestment. It can be directly applied on a raw cement new stair or used for a rehabilitation, for example directly applied on tiles.
More than 60 colours are offered for all kinds of indoor and outdoor ambiences and decorations

Rouviere Collection microcement is available to revest existing materals such as tiles, faiences, … Very strong it can be used in a high pedestrian traffic place such as restaurants, public edifices, …